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Testimonials – Pickart Plastic Surgery, Ventura, CA

Dr. Pickart serves cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients at Pickart Plastic Surgery in Ventura, Camarillo, and the surrounding areas of California.

Dr. Pickart and his talented staff approach cosmetic and reconstructive surgery by customizing a plastic surgery plan that fits the individual goals and expectations of each patient. At Pickart Plastic Surgery, expect compassion, dedication, safety, and confidentiality.

Many Ventura patients have been very pleased with their cosmetic and reconstructive procedures by Dr. Pickart at Pickart Plastic Surgery. From a breast augmentation to liposuction to Botox®, Dr. Pickart delivers excellent results.

“Before this year ends, I wanted to email you to THANK YOU for making me look better. I get up in the morning now and do not scare myself. I look rested, fresh, and rejuvenated… May the coming year bring you much success and many happy patients. Your staff made me feel so comfortable and encouraging. You are a true artist….I appreciate your gift and recognize your specialties.” – C

“I was referred to Dr. Pickart for a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. At every consultation I had with Dr. Pickart he would take the time to answer any questions and listen to my concerns and issues. His staff was kind, caring, supportive, exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Yaeko the administrative assistant greeted us as though we were part of a special family. Yaeko provided an office environment that was relaxing, special and comfortable for a patient and family members. Theresa is Dr. Pickard’s medical assistant and is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest, knowledgeable and supportive person I have ever met at a doctor’s office. Yaeko and Theresa thank you.

Besides Dr. Pickart’s surgical skills he provides an approach of attentiveness to the patience’s concerns. I was very impressed with his knowledge and caring manner during the consultations and especially during the surgery procedures. Dr. Pickart answered my husband’s and family member questions, explained all surgery procedures in detail, and any expectations from any process. His attentive to a patient’s concerns amazed me. Dr. Pickard gained our trust in meeting the needs to resolving my health issues. Thank You Dr. Pickart.” – N.

“I really found my consultation very helpful. Dr. Pickart let me know all the good and bad that comes with my procedure and he made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely recommend him to other women.” – N.

“Now the office really matches the people there – you guys are simply wonderful!” – S.A.

“I first found out about Dr. Michael Pickart after I lost 100 pounds after having weight loss surgery, and I asked my surgeon, Dr. Helmuth Billy, whom I trust and adore, for a referral. His response was this: “Dr. Michael Pickart in Ventura has the most experience with excess skin surgery after Bariatric Surgery.”

Before contacting Dr. Pickart, I got estimates for a 360 circumferential body lift, a breast lift, arm lift, and thigh lift from three other surgeons and from the plastic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente in West L.A. The estimates were from well-known doctors in Beverly Hills, Corona Del Mar, and Marina Del Rey, two of which specialize in bariatric patients who have lost a lot of weight.

When I first had a consultation with Dr. Pickart, I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, his credentials, and his willingness to spend a good amount of time with me, answering my questions and discussing my options. He is approachable, caring, extremely smart, and most importantly, very experienced with dealing with excess skin on bariatric patients. It didn’t take long for me to know that he was the surgeon that I trust to help me with my excess skin issues. He didn’t pressure me, and he has a very easy-going personality, unlike another surgeon I contacted who had a very hard-sell approach.

I have had a 360 circumferential body lift so far, and I have a breast lift and an arm lift scheduled, and I plan to have a thigh lift down the road. Dr. Pickart has been amazing as my surgeon, spending countless hours before and after surgery with me. He has taken excellent care of me from prescribing medications to addressing my every concern. He answers every email that I have sent him and gave me his cell phone number if I ever needed it. I really can’t say enough good things about him. I don’t know any other doctor that would do those things for his patients.

Another wonderful thing about Dr. Pickart is his staff. Shannon deals with the financial aspect of things, and she is wonderful. She worked with me to come up with numbers that I felt were very competitive and very reasonable. In fact, the cost of the various procedures ended up being better than all the other options I had researched. Theresa is Dr. Pickart’s medical assistant and has to be one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. She is super kind, sweet, supportive, and helpful and is great at taking out a drain. Yaeko answers the phones and is the first to greet you and is super great too. Shannon, Theresa, and Yaeko have been so supportive and so kind to me. They treat me as if I’m family.

If anyone reading this is looking for a plastic surgeon to deal with any cosmetic issue or excess skin after weight loss, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Pickart. He’s a wonderful surgeon, and he did a fantastic job on my circumferential body lift, and I am looking forward to future procedures with him.”

“On August 22, 2012, Dr. Michael C. Pickart, MD, performed a tertiary right carpal tunnel release because of excessive scarring to relieve tingling and pain I continually had in my right hand and forearm at Community Memorial Out Patient Center in Ventura, CA.

Dr. Pickart was referred by my attending physican at Sea View Medical Group.

I have had many carpal tunnel surgery’s resulting in a build up of scar tissue and increasing pain and loss of use in my hands, mostly my right.

My first impression when I met Dr. Pickart was someone with genuine concern, overwhelming kindness and a sensitivity of my pain. I noticed his reaction to other patients in his office as well. Genuine and caring. He took time and did a through evaluation before determining his conclusion.

I must mention his staff that were, just as Dr. Pickart, very kind, caring, concerned, and made me feel comfortable, special and welcomed.

Dr. Pickart is a plastic surgeon. When I went in to his office for a follow up visit I met a woman who was from Arizona who was specifically referred to see him.

I highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Pickart for surgery. Let it be your first, second or third opinion, you won’t be sorry. He is a dear sweet man.

If I didn’t feel he made a difference I would not have written a review.” – S.A.

“Everyone is my teacher, some I seek, some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.
Thank you Dr. Pickart and your wonderful Staff for being so nice and makes your Patients always feel better and warm, and especially happy.” – N

“Wonderful Doctor that does NOT talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking so many questions. His staff is equally amazing, they greet you like they have known you for years.
And his results are amazing. Dr. Pickart performed my breast reduction perfectly. He is truly an artist with the human body.”