Testimonials – Pickart Plastic Surgery, Ventura, CA

January 20, 2022

Dr. Pickart and Staff,

It is not often one gets the opportunity to thank others for literally saving one’s life, but I have now been given that opportunity not just once, but twice. Six years ago and as a team, you removed a malignant melanoma from my left arm. Without intervention, that melanoma likely would have spread and given enough time, ultimately taken my life. The situation repeated itself with the malignant melanoma you removed from my head just last week. Again, had you not intervened, that melanoma would surely have continued to grow and given enough time, also could have proven fatal. Together as a team, you all have been responsible for saving my life not once, but twice. “Thank-you” is so inadequate to fully express my thoughts.

Please enjoy the small box of chocolates and let their pleasant taste now and forever be a reminder of how sweet life is because of skilled, dedicated, and caring people such as all of you.

Thank-you all so very, very much,

-Jim Estes

Dr. Pickart and Staff,

Words can not express how Thankful Grateful and blended I am for all the care you gave me.

You all have been so kind, caring, compassionate, supportive, understanding, and awesome.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. 


– Cindy

Dear Dr. Pickart,

You’re a brilliant facial engineer and artist. Not only are you a skilled + knowledgeable surgeon, your reception and kind response to my questions and concerns made my recovery easier. I’m so glad that I waited to find you! God Bless.

– Margot

How very thoughtful and beautiful. Thank you all. My Journey has been exceptional.


Dear Dr. Pickart,

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you. Thank you for your talent, time, compassion, down-to-earth humor, patience, and just being a genuinely nice, nice GOOD person + doctor.

This was not the most optimal time in my life (under my current life circumstances) to be elected to proceed with pretty major surgery, but there were insurance approval date constraints BUT I had every confidence proceeding with my surgery because I was in your competent, capable, and artistic hands.

I know I still have a lot of healing to do, but I’m so looking forward to the fabulous results. Thank you again!

Best regards,

I am writing a husband’s viewpoint on my wife’s experience with Dr. Michael Pickart.  Before moving to Oxnard, we had consultations with several plastic surgeons in Seattle regarding my wife’s procedure. When we moved to Oxnard, we sought the referral of a plastic surgeon in Ventura from my wife’s primary care physician.  She confidently recommended Dr. Pickard. None of those surgeons in Seattle left us with the impression and comfort in our decision than did Dr. Pickart.

Dr. Pickart and his staff welcomed us with genuine warmth and concern. He was meticulously thorough in his interview questions and impressively patient in addressing our questions and concerns.  Dr. Pickart took all the time we needed to explain our options, the procedures itself, the recovery, and discussed many parts of the process we had not considered.  

We had no hesitation in going forward.  The surgery itself was 100% successful, and as Dr. Pickart described.  He called me while my wife was still in recovery to let me know how everything went.  He called my wife again that evening and, over the next few days, again called and sent texts to encourage us to contact him with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Pickart is on a level that neither my wife nor I have experienced in our 60 plus years of medical visits.  We would without reservation recommend Dr. Pickart.  He truly cares.

-Jim R. | Oxnard, CA

Dr Pickart & Staff,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate everything + everyone in the office!! You are all such kind people with kind hearts.


Dr. Pickart,

Thank you sooo much for performing my surgery. I absolutely love the outcome- feels like I have a new lease on life and externally I have a weight taken off my shoulders. You do absolutely beautiful work and I feel so fortunate I was able to have you do it. Besides your expertise, you have the best personality to go along with it. Thank you again.


Dear Yaeko, Theresa and Shannon,

What a tremendous team you are!  Dr. Pickart may be the one who does the surgery, but the three of you are the power behind the man.

Yaeko, your telephone manner and patience with my questions calmed me down every time & called.

Theresa, I am still talking about how you managed to remove those drains and keep me distracted.

And business lady Shannon did it with style.  I’m even looking forward to my next visit when I will hopefully see all of you again.  Just want you to know I think you’re the greatest!

Smiles and Hugs,

Dr. Pickart serves cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients at Pickart Plastic Surgery in Ventura, Camarillo, and the surrounding areas of California.

Dr. Pickart and his talented staff approach cosmetic and reconstructive surgery by customizing a plastic surgery plan that fits the individual goals and expectations of each patient. At Pickart Plastic Surgery, expect compassion, dedication, safety, and confidentiality.

Many Ventura patients have been very pleased with their cosmetic and reconstructive procedures by Dr. Pickart at Pickart Plastic Surgery. From a breast augmentation to liposuction to Botox®, Dr. Pickart delivers excellent results.

Hi everyone, I am sorry I did not get back with you guys. First of all I want to thank everyone for the excellent care I received. I am more than satisfied with my results. Last year was a very stressful, my friend past and it has been hard. I am trying to decide to work on my face, I will call for info later. – M

Wow! 3 years ago, frightened by the awful diagnosis of Breast Cancer, another MD. recommended I choose Dr. Michael Pickart as my Plastic surgeon……beyond my wildest dreams…..from the remarkably compassionate and knowledgeable staff, Yiko, Teresa, and Shannon, to the privilege of results that speak volumes to Dr. Pickart’s understanding of the “art”, his precision, and generous dedication of time ensuring each individual achieves results they can be proud of! Simply beyond excellence!! Whether you find your self facing a daunting diagnosis of Breast Cancer like me or simply want to finally have that body you’ve dreamed of Dr. Pickart’s Plastic Surgery will help guide you through the process step by step to simply amazing results!!  – J

Dr. Pickart, or shall I call you magician?

Thank you for such a phenomenal experience. The days since my surgery have been surprisingly easy.  Wednesday was almost all sleep. Thursday I was making breakfast and showering; I even made it to my sons baseball game (well the first half before I felt very fatigued and decided to go home and rest). Friday I slept till 12:00 and then woke with no pain and very minor discomfort with that, I was off all pain meds. Including that OTC Tylenol. I will say that this surgery was easier then the last head cold I had in terms of taking me out. It leads me to believe that while you are operating you are still careful and considerate of each move. I cannot help but share with you how much your work impresses me! Every time I wake up I look in the mirror I’m like “ahh they look better then yesterday, they’re perfect!” My husband agrees they are beautiful. I anticipated not feeling comfortable with my breast for a month or so, and growing to love over time, but I love them and feel as if these are breasts I was born with.  I’ve seen acquaintances that do not know about the surgery and no one asked! Mission accomplished. I have size and I look like my natural self! I could not help but share my experience and showcase your work with a few friends who have been interested in this procedure. Two of them are planning to call for consultations which has very little to do with what I have said, simply because your work speaks for itself. -D


I wanted to send a note to say a BIG THANK YOU! From the very first visit through our post-op and routine check up’s…I have loved your group and felt right at home. You should all be so proud! – S


I can’t fully express how thankful I am to have you as my Doctor. I have felt complete confidence in you and have appreciated your medical skill, excellent communication, optimism and sense of humor.  In addition, your office staff has been welcoming and compassionate. Having observed way too many Dr. offices this year, I vote you and your office to be #1. Believe me, walking into an office that generates good energy is priceless. – K


Thank you all for being so kind & for making all who enter your office feel comfortable. Thank you doc for expertly making the face I daily greet in the mirror look more refreshed & less exhausted. Happiest of days to you all! – M


I would like to thank you Dr. for your expert work and for waiting for me way past your scheduled surgery time. You are one in a million. I would also like to thank your whole staff in Ventura; Yaeko, Teresa and Shannon. – R


I just wanted to give you a token of my appreciation. Not just for your skill, which is exceptional, but for your patience. Thank you for allying my concerns, especially on Christmas Day and for seeing me through a longer recovery than anticipated. – D


A note of thanks for your fantastic work on me. I’m loving my face and I think my lips are gorgeous. The best part is the size is perfect for my face. Bravo! You are a genius! I really appreciate your talents. – D


You made this experience a good one with your compassionate demeanor. I was pleased to meet a plastic surgeon who seemed to be a genuine guy! Thanks for your advice, the great results and also for the nice gals in your office. – B


I am so happy with the result of my treatments! Sara is a rock star! – S


A note of thanks for your fantastic work on me. I’m loving my face and I think my lips are gorgeous and the best part is the size is perfect for my face. Bravo! You are a genius! I really appreciate your talents. – D

I highly recommend Dr. Pickart and his staff when considering plastic surgery! I am also happy to speak with anyone personally about my experience that is how strongly I believe in Dr. Michael Pickart.

There is no putting into words the gratitude and debt I feel towards him as both a gifted surgeon and a compassionate and kind human being.  Dr. Pickart has a huge impact on people’s lives. He is an immensely talented and a committed surgeon who truly puts his patients first.

Considering plastic surgery is a big decision and the selection of the right doctor is key to a successful outcome! He made my decision easier through his professionalism, consistent thoughtfulness and care during the process.  He wants to understand your goals and expectations. He wants to know you as a complete human being, believe me this is rare in this society.  His post-op care is very unique and impressive. I always felt comfortable and confident about my recovery. Dr. Pickart has been available to me 24/7.

Theresa, Shannon and Yaeko are always warm and heartfelt. They are a delightful trio. I truly love and appreciate them.

I was an ordinary patient of ordinary means but Dr. Pickart and his team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth.

Dr. Pickart is a “World Class Surgeon” he is second to none. He exemplifies honor, kindness, perfectionism and benevolence.

“I will be forever grateful that I had the good fortune to meet you and for you facilitating my transformation into a more healthy and happy person. Besides your expertise and artistry, you are the kindest, funniest, most delightful human being. You have been a blessing in my life and that of my family.” – W

“Thank you seems inadequate for what you have done for me, not only are you an excellent surgeon, you are an exceptional man! I was an ordinary patent of ordinary means but you and your staff took care of me as if I was the most important person on Earth. Theresa, Shannon and Yaeko are always warm and heartfelt. They are a delightful trio. I truly love and appreciate them.” – B

“My sincere thanks for all you did to “refresh” me this summer! Your skill, knowledge, experience and caring all combined to give me a wonderful outcome. I am indebted to you!” – A

“Clark [my husband] took me to Macy’s  over the weekend.  With my makeup on, I look great, by the way, and we went to the cashier to pay for a blouse I liked for the holidays.  She was about 18 years old and I gave her my Macy’s card.  When she ran it through, she looked at me and said with surprise ‘ You’ve been a Macy’s card holder since 1987??  Clark answered, ‘Yes, she got it when she was five.’    We both cracked up knowing that Macy’s probably didn’t give credit cards to 5 year olds.  Gotta say..I’m looking young!” – T

“First of all, it’s the best office I’ve been. Greeting you is a nice receptionist plus wholesome fresh coffee or water which ever you prefer. Nice Doctor too. Very efficient and professional.” – M

“Dear Michael, Theresa, Yaeko and Shannon,

How to thank you all for my wonderful “freshening” experience?? I am thrilled with my result – gently smoothed out but still very much myself. I have waited to thank you until I could give you my full report. All bruises gone, numbness subsiding nicely, lovely soft plumping from the filler (although just fyi the lumps at the injection sites on one cheek never fully went away but no ones else can notice them), and all in all, just couldn’t be better.

Michael, you are a master with a great staff. Theresa, Yaeko, and Shannon are all so loving and supportive – always calming and positive. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. With great appreciation.” -A

“While there is some doubt that the treatment I received will be successful, I could not be more pleased with my experience. Dr. Pickart was so friendly and personable and thoroughly explained everything. Best doctor office experience I’ve had in my life!” – S

“To Dr. Pickart and staff. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for ALL you have done for me. You and your office staff Far exceed the Best I’ve ever experienced. You and your staff are the absolute best in SoCal. You have given me a new life. THANK YOU AGAIN! Fondly,” -V

“You made this such a wonderful experience. The outcome is awesome. I appreciate your excellent work & your great sense of humor. I appreciate your patience, your taking time to review details! Your office staff is the best. They made me feel so welcome. I love their hugs & warm wishes. After speaking with Shannon, then meeting you, I knew I had chosen the right office. Yaeko, so great & encouraging, Teresa, so lovely & so much fun. Thank you Dr. Pickart!” – KB

“This has been such a wonderful & positive experience. It has been a pleasure & all of you are responsible for the wonderful outcome. Thank you.” – KB

“Thanks for fitting me in yesterday and moreover, for the compassionate nurturing. You are quite a team! Skilled, efficient and very caring – I have never been more impressed, and I am grateful for all you said in support. Arigato, Merci Beaucoup”- ED

“You went above and beyoned in a big, big way – and for that, you deserve a big, big thanks! You are so loved and very much appreciated.” – FC

“I want to thank you for the extraordinary work you performed on me, and your professionalism as a surgeon. I am very pleased with the results. I also want to thank your wonderful staff for helping me and being there for me always. There is no doubt in my mind that I will come back!!!” – MM

“Thank you for seeing my baby and making her feel so comfortable. She’s very shy and you won her over! I appreciate you very much.” – NH

“Thanks for making my life Sparkle! Your the Best.” – PG

“Thank you for treating me like a person and not just another “case.” You ROCK!” – SH

“I wanted to thank you for the special time and attention. The results are worth the investment. I knew from the first visit I could trust you and you didn’t disappoint. My best regards to you and your family.” – C

“Before this year ends, I wanted to email you to THANK YOU for making me look better. I get up in the morning now and do not scare myself. I look rested, fresh, and rejuvenated… May the coming year bring you much success and many happy patients. Your staff made me feel so comfortable and encouraging. You are a true artist….I appreciate your gift and recognize your specialties.” – C

“I was referred to Dr. Pickart for a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. At every consultation I had with Dr. Pickart he would take the time to answer any questions and listen to my concerns and issues. His staff was kind, caring, supportive, exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Yaeko the administrative assistant greeted us as though we were part of a special family. Yaeko provided an office environment that was relaxing, special and comfortable for a patient and family members. Theresa is Dr. Pickard’s medical assistant and is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest, knowledgeable and supportive person I have ever met at a doctor’s office. Yaeko and Theresa thank you.

Besides Dr. Pickart’s surgical skills he provides an approach of attentiveness to the patience’s concerns. I was very impressed with his knowledge and caring manner during the consultations and especially during the surgery procedures. Dr. Pickart answered my husband’s and family member questions, explained all surgery procedures in detail, and any expectations from any process. His attentive to a patient’s concerns amazed me. Dr. Pickard gained our trust in meeting the needs to resolving my health issues. Thank You Dr. Pickart.” – N.

“I really found my consultation very helpful. Dr. Pickart let me know all the good and bad that comes with my procedure and he made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely recommend him to other women.” – N.

“Now the office really matches the people there – you guys are simply wonderful!” – S.A.

“I first found out about Dr. Michael Pickart after I lost 100 pounds after having weight loss surgery, and I asked my surgeon, Dr. Helmuth Billy, whom I trust and adore, for a referral. His response was this: “Dr. Michael Pickart in Ventura has the most experience with excess skin surgery after Bariatric Surgery.”

Before contacting Dr. Pickart, I got estimates for a 360 circumferential body lift, a breast lift, arm lift, and thigh lift from three other surgeons and from the plastic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente in West L.A. The estimates were from well-known doctors in Beverly Hills, Corona Del Mar, and Marina Del Rey, two of which specialize in bariatric patients who have lost a lot of weight.

When I first had a consultation with Dr. Pickart, I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, his credentials, and his willingness to spend a good amount of time with me, answering my questions and discussing my options. He is approachable, caring, extremely smart, and most importantly, very experienced with dealing with excess skin on bariatric patients. It didn’t take long for me to know that he was the surgeon that I trust to help me with my excess skin issues. He didn’t pressure me, and he has a very easy-going personality, unlike another surgeon I contacted who had a very hard-sell approach.

I have had a 360 circumferential body lift so far, and I have a breast lift and an arm lift scheduled, and I plan to have a thigh lift down the road. Dr. Pickart has been amazing as my surgeon, spending countless hours before and after surgery with me. He has taken excellent care of me from prescribing medications to addressing my every concern. He answers every email that I have sent him and gave me his cell phone number if I ever needed it. I really can’t say enough good things about him. I don’t know any other doctor that would do those things for his patients.

Another wonderful thing about Dr. Pickart is his staff. Shannon deals with the financial aspect of things, and she is wonderful. She worked with me to come up with numbers that I felt were very competitive and very reasonable. In fact, the cost of the various procedures ended up being better than all the other options I had researched. Theresa is Dr. Pickart’s medical assistant and has to be one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. She is super kind, sweet, supportive, and helpful and is great at taking out a drain. Yaeko answers the phones and is the first to greet you and is super great too. Shannon, Theresa, and Yaeko have been so supportive and so kind to me. They treat me as if I’m family.

If anyone reading this is looking for a plastic surgeon to deal with any cosmetic issue or excess skin after weight loss, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Pickart. He’s a wonderful surgeon, and he did a fantastic job on my circumferential body lift, and I am looking forward to future procedures with him.”

“On August 22, 2012, Dr. Michael C. Pickart, MD, performed a tertiary right carpal tunnel release because of excessive scarring to relieve tingling and pain I continually had in my right hand and forearm at Community Memorial Out Patient Center in Ventura, CA.

Dr. Pickart was referred by my attending physican at Sea View Medical Group.

I have had many carpal tunnel surgery’s resulting in a build up of scar tissue and increasing pain and loss of use in my hands, mostly my right.

My first impression when I met Dr. Pickart was someone with genuine concern, overwhelming kindness and a sensitivity of my pain. I noticed his reaction to other patients in his office as well. Genuine and caring. He took time and did a through evaluation before determining his conclusion.

I must mention his staff that were, just as Dr. Pickart, very kind, caring, concerned, and made me feel comfortable, special and welcomed.

Dr. Pickart is a plastic surgeon. When I went in to his office for a follow up visit I met a woman who was from Arizona who was specifically referred to see him.

I highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Pickart for surgery. Let it be your first, second or third opinion, you won’t be sorry. He is a dear sweet man.

If I didn’t feel he made a difference I would not have written a review.” – S.A.

“Everyone is my teacher, some I seek, some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.

Thank you Dr. Pickart and your wonderful Staff for being so nice and makes your Patients always feel better and warm, and especially happy.” – N

“Wonderful Doctor that does NOT talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking so many questions. His staff is equally amazing, they greet you like they have known you for years.

And his results are amazing. Dr. Pickart performed my breast reduction perfectly. He is truly an artist with the human body.”

“Thanks for a very good job! Your skill is definitely top notch. I also want to thank your office personnel – they are all so gracious, well trained and efficient.

Please convey to the anesthesiologist my deepest thanks for using his skills! I did not have any nausea. That was a real blessing for me and the first time that’s happened for me!

Last but not least, the nurses who assisted in my surgery; wow, so well trained, kind and comforting.” – G

“Thank you for making me feel so welcomed from our first visit. I didn’t know what to expect and was so afraid of the “lingo.” You all made me feel so comfortable and most of my worries went away.” – D

“I wanted to reinforce my gratitude to you for the care and understanding you have given me over these past two years. I don’t believe I could have gone through so much without your expertise and care. Your staff is also amazing. Whether I needed a good cup of coffee, a hug or simply a smile, it was always waiting for me. God bless all of you and thank you for the exceptional care.” – L

Dear Dr. Pickart – Just a personal note to let you know how much I appreciate your skill as a surgeon and for the ecouragement you gave me along the way.

Coming into your office is like visiting a home filled with family and friends.

Love, Susan & Ron

Dear Theresa,

You are the sweetest and most compassionate doctor’s assistant that I have ever known.

Your encouragement, reassurance and positive attitude helped me get through procedure.

Love, Susan

Hello Sunshine,

Yaeko, you are a real treasure to the office with your fun and effervescent personality. I so love walking through the front door to see your smiling face.

Love, Susan

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for your warmth and reassurance. Your kind and caring attitude, calming affect on me and great hugs were the best.

Love, Susan