Rhinoplasty Before and After Images in Ventura, CA

Dr. Pickart serves cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients at Pickart Plastic Surgery in Ventura, Camarillo, and the surrounding areas of California.

Rhinoplasty treatment can vary depending upon the reason for surgery, as well as the patient’s anatomy. Additionally, since all of the incisions are made inside the nose, there are no visible scars from the procedure. To achieve your visual goal, Dr. Pickart may straighten the nose, trim cartilage, shave bone, build up a flat bridge, or reduce the size of the nostrils. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours depending on if there are other procedures performed in conjunction with the nose surgery. Check out our rhinoplasty before and after photos to see the amazing results of other Ventura patients.

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Written by Pickart Plastic Surgery August 14, 2013